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内蒙古时时彩玩法规则:Xi: China, U.S. Should Be Partners, Not Rivals

Pub Date:17-11-10 08:32 Source:Xinhua

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China and the United States should be partners, not rivals, and together they could be good for each other and the whole world, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Thursday.

When hosting a dinner at the Great Hall of the People for visiting U.S. President Donald Trump Thursday evening, Xi said, he believed that challenges of bilateral relations were limited but potential was limitless, and Trump agreed with him on this point.

"The two countries will be able to open a new page of bilateral ties and make new contribution to the future of all humankind once they pursue it firmly and persistently," Xi said.

"China and the United States now have developed into a community of deeply intertwined and shared interests," Xi said. "The two are sharing more, with broader interests and bigger and heavier responsibilities in safeguarding world peace and promoting common development."

Expressing gratitude for the warm welcome from President Xi, Trump said he believed that cooperation between the United States and China would benefit the two sides, and bring peace, prosperity and security to the world.

At Trump's proposal, a video of his granddaughter Arabella Kushner singing in Mandarin and reciting ancient Chinese poems was played before the dinner started, drawing warm applause.


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